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Below you'll find several ways my style, philosophies and business differ from the rest. The old “guru” model of, “I am great, you suck, pay me and maybe I’ll fix you” doesn’t work well, it can actually do more harm than good. My intent is to give advice from a place of humility, as in “this is what I’ve done and this is what I have done for others… I can help you create the same results”. I find this is much more effective and pleasant.

  1. The sophisticated investor makes $$ in any market – up, down, sideways and anyways. No excuses.
  2. The first investment you should ever make is in yourself. Be a student of the game forever and choose your advisors wisely.
  3. All your money wants to do is grow and be productive, put your money to work today and every day.
  4. How can you end up where you want to be if you don’t know where you’re going?.. Goals are your destination, know them deeply in your heart and you will arrive.
  5. Just remember to enjoy the journey along the way.
  6. Decide for yourself if investing in real estate is a real business, a goal, just a hobby or a task that needs to get done. All are correct answers.
  7. Align yourself with others who have what you want and your best interest in mind, learn and profit from their mistakes and advice.
  8. There is strength in numbers, groups of like-minded individuals create synergy, inspiration and partnerships.
  9. Investing for cashflow is a long term game, speculation is shorter term game and the best deals have an elemof both.
  10. A good deal has only 3 main parts:
    1. The Deal, the numbers or expected return
    2. The Money or financing method
    3. The People, you and/or your partner

The ideas above have been the foundation I have used to grow my Real Estate business from just 1 single family rental property into a multi-million dollar portfolio, a thriving real estate investment coaching and consulting business, and being a sought after Realtor representing investors across Ontario.

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About Me

Back in 2007, if you remember, a deadly financial storm was brewing south of the border… All was rosy on the outside, mortgage companies were lending to anyone who had a pulse and could sign their name, the stock market was reaching new artificial highs every day, and real estate prices were sky rocketing into un-charted territory.

Behind the scenes, the majority of new mortgage debt wasn’t worth the paper it was written on and the stock market and real estate prices were in a huge bubble fueled by un-payable debt. By the time 2008 rolled around, all financial hell broke loose. I won’t get into too much detail here, we all remember the fallout.

I mention this time in history because it had a profound effect on me in many ways…

At the time I was just getting my feet wet investing in real estate, I was understandably somewhat nervous about my first investment, luckily I had excellent advisors guiding me all the way through.

What struck me was watching all those people in the U.S. literally lose their homes and life savings in the stock market and real estate investments. At the time, I knew in my heart I would be an investor for the rest of my life and I promised myself I would never let anything like that happen to me and my family.

The vast majority of people were literally handing over droves of money to supposed “financial advisors” to invest for them… this blind trust cost people their life savings or at least large portions of it.

There are no guarantees in life and there is an element of risk associated with any investment, the only way to truly decrease your risk is to increase your education, become a master of your trade if you will.

That is what I set out to do…

My plan was simple, I knew however, the journey would take some time, the road would be bumpy and the workload would be immense.

This was my plan in a nut shell:

  1. Become a Sophisticated Real Estate Investor
  2. Raise my financial and real estate education to a high level & continue learning forever
  3. Align myself with advisors that had my best interest mind

Fast forward approximately 7 years…

To become a sophisticated real estate investor I used the classic definition of experience, education and excessive capitol and added two more benchmarks; my personal portfolio had to be strong, stable, very profitable and a stellar track record of guiding other investors to the same goal was necessary. I have spent countless dollars on my education over the last several years, applying everything I’ve learned to my life, business and clients. All while under the guidance of advisors who have watched over me, kept me focused on my goals and most importantly were “there for me” when I needed it most.

I have now arrived at a point in my life and business where my focus has shifted from growing myself in the plan described above to helping others do the same, each in their own unique way.

My plan has now evolved into a business serving others, my goals are to:

  1. Guide and represent investors purchasing and selling Investment grade Real Estate
  2. Be an educator, teach valuable information that is easily understood and applied to the real world for stellar results
  3. Coach and consult, turn big dreams into strategic plans and into real life results
  4. Provide high quality investment opportunities for small and big investors alike

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My hope is that will use this site a resource on your journey, I am always available for your questions and comments, you can email me here

If you align with any of the ideas above, you can subscribe to my newsletter below where I expand on these ideas and provide valuable information about all things Real Estate.


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